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2014 Opinion Archive Stories

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  • Born in the U.S.A.? Much desired but much questionable about it By: Richard Reeb
    Surely most Americans can appreciate how fortunate they are that they were born in this country. It is sobering to contemplate the misfortune of being born in either a third-world country or a despotism. Whatever limitations we experience in a free republic are as nothing compared to the grinding poverty, gross inequality and lack of personal li
    Wed Apr 16, 2014
  • Bridging the GAP one display at a time By: Richard Reeb
    “A picture is worth 1000 words.” This has been said so many times that it has practically become a cliché. But the well-informed eye that frames the picture teaches us that some things are too horrible not to look at. The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), based in Lake Forest, Califor
    Wed Apr 09, 2014
  • Committees of correspondence and free press still protect our liberties By: Richard Reeb
    Students of our history know that private, voluntary organizations were indispensable to winning American independence. In a time when crude printing presses and the postal service were the only means by which people scattered across hundreds of millions in the thirteen original colonies could communicate, writers disseminated news of the growin
    Wed Apr 02, 2014
  • The dead hand of the ‘old’ Soviet Union By: Richard Reeb
    Those quotation marks in the headline are not a mistake. But the overuse of the word enclosed in them is a mistake, and not a small one. “Old” things are not gone or dead; they are still around or alive. Why does no one refer to the Nazi regime as the “old” Third Reich? We should explore the reasons why the presumably qui
    Wed Mar 26, 2014
  • Lessons from history, learned and unlearned By: Richard Reeb
    Russia’s designs on Ukraine and the disappearance of a Malaysian airliner, though unrelated, are stern reminders of two sensible maxims: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.and fighting the last war is often a losing proposition. I would add another: don’t forget what the last war was like. The compa
    Wed Mar 19, 2014
  • Billy Budd’s trials are not his alone By: Richard Reeb
    American novelist Herman Melville is much better known for his lengthy classic “Moby Dick” than his posthumously published novella “Billy Budd,” but both involve exploits at sea and, more to the point, the suffering of great characters. The latter was composed as an opera by Benjamin Britten and is currently being perform
    Wed Mar 05, 2014
  • Politics requires patience as well as commitment By: Richard Reeb
    Many conservatives were disappointed that the House Republican leadership did not attempt to extract concessions from Senate Democrats and President Obama when the latter asked for an increase in the national debt ceiling last week. But the only battles they can win are those for which they have enough votes. The sad fact is that they don’
    Wed Feb 26, 2014
  • What’s at stake in the current constitutional crisis caused by Barack Obama? By: Richard Reeb
    N ot just conservative Republicans but even liberal constitutional law professors are alarmed by President Obama’s avowed determination to stretch if not burst constitutional barriers to executive authority. Jonathan Turley, a Georgetown University scribe and a big Obama supporter, has sounded the alarm on, of all networks, FOX.  Such
    Wed Feb 19, 2014
  • American military power helps deter imperialism and war By: Dr. Richard Reeb
    Concerned as Americans understandably are about domestic economy, developments on the international front ominously point to dangerous times for the United States and its allies and friends. For the three great threats from Russia, China and Islamist terrorism are growing daily because of President Obama’s withdrawal from the responsibilit
    Wed Feb 12, 2014
  • Corrupting by speech as well as by deed: Obama, the unconstitutional president By: Richard Reeb
    “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, is the very definition of tyranny.” - James Madison, The Federalist No. 47 Flailing about following the disastrous first year in his second term, Presi
    Wed Feb 05, 2014
  • Happiness — Healthy Body and Spirit By: Keith Wommach
    While Bob and I were waiting for an elevator at the VA Hospital in West Los Angeles, Bob began chatting with someone walking by. While the two of them were deep in conversation, a retired general stepped up and asked, “Are you with Bob?”I said, “Yes, I’m his son-in-law.” The general looked me in the ey
    Tue Feb 04, 2014
  • Evil always prefers operating in the dark By: Richard Reeb
    T he abortion business has come to the High Desert. The newly minted Planned Parenthood (PP) facility is located in Victorville, coincidentally at the lowest point of the shopping center on Park Avenue near Palmdale Road and the Interstate 15 freeway. The iron gate may be open to the fenced area surrounding the 10,213 square foot building, but t
    Wed Jan 29, 2014
  • Twin Research: Stop surrendering to genetics - start controlling bodily health By: Keith Wommack
    Are you an identical twin? If so, perhaps, you know what I mean when I say that at times, the twin thing can get ridiculous. For example: A woman once asked if my identical twin and I were brothers. We told her, “We’re twins.” Then she inquired, “How long have you been twins?” As well, my brother&rsq
    Wed Jan 29, 2014
  • Four decades of legalized abortion have not snuffed out the American conscience By: Richard Reeb
    W hen a majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices decided against natural justice, the Constitution and science that aborting unborn children was a heretofore unacknowledged right, it hit Americans like a tsunami. The majority opinion was even written and supported by Republican members of the Court, effectively neutralizing it as a partisan issue
    Wed Jan 22, 2014
  • Beat illness — build a healthy body — like Chuck Norris By: Keith Wommack
    Chuck Norris pummels his enemies and opponents. When it comes to martial arts and his acting roles in television and films (Walker, Texas Ranger/Delta Force), Norris knows how to take care of business. You may have seen him act and, perhaps, talk about exercise (Total Gym), but did you know that Norris also speaks about spirituality wall
    Thu Jan 16, 2014
  • Robert Gates, the “moderate” and “realist,” speaks out By: Richard Reeb
    D r. Robert Gates was the 22nd secretary of defense. This week his book, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,” will be published by Knopf. His excerpted comments in the Wall Street Journal( week have generated considerable political controversy, and
    Wed Jan 15, 2014
  • Who decides when life ends? By: Richard Reeb
    Jahi McMath, a 13-year-old girl whose routine tonsillectomy turned into a coma, may be dead by the time this column is published. But her parents refused to accept the judgment of Children’s Hospital Oakland that she was already dead and sought to remove her from that institution and seek treatment at another, possibly in New York.
    Wed Jan 08, 2014
  • The beginning of the end for Big Government By: Richard Reeb
    P erhaps the hopeful sentiment expressed in the headline for this column may strike some people as wildly optimistic and others as just plain vile, but I think that the facts now known to us will support my prediction that constitutional government will get a boost in the 2014 congressional elections. The evidence for this prediction is
    Thu Jan 02, 2014