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Letters to the Editor

A foolish state

Here we are in the great state of foolishness called California. With 45 percent on welfare, food stamps, and probation, how can we spend $800,000 on toilets for Calico? What will they be made of — marble with platinum fixtures? I have been in plumbing for 60 years. These bathrooms are for a once-in-a-lifetime camper. This is supposed to be the desert and a ghost town, not Las Vegas. The town of Yermo needs a water system, not a bunch of toilets in Calico.

Then we have the Cadiz water robbery when they sell the water to Los Angeles, all the little springs in the Mojave Preserve will dry up. The people that live there have wells with only a few gallons a day now. When Cadiz steals that, there will be a few more homeless on welfare. Of course this will get rid of the residents in the preserve. Could that be the plan? Sounds a lot like Sen. Dianne Feinstein to me. Of course, I have only been around the area for 84 years and grew up there so these newcomers are bound to know more about it than I.
I also saw three more business in Barstow closed up. Now if we legalize pot to go with the town drunks why not meth, opium, etc.? We don’t punish killers, sex crimes, baby murders — why not do away with all law and let nature take its course? When Obama wins it will be the law of the jungle anyway. Only we won’t have any guns to defend ourselves with. He gave them to the UN and the ACLU. Well, that is your fault if you voted for it.

Joe Golden

Where is Assemblyman
Paul Cook

Assemblyman Paul Cook placed second in the June Primary with Gregg Imus placing first. It is no surprise that Imus received the most Republican votes in the Barstow community. He participated in the Congressional Debate in March and has confirmed his attendance at the Meet the Candidates Forum slated for Oct. 12, 2012 at the Hi Desert Word Center on Soapmine Road.

Gregg Imus has traveled to Barstow and met with the people no fewer than 15 times. His signs were everywhere during the primary and again for the General Election on Nov. 6. Imus has visited with our senior citizens at the Senior Center, attended Barstow College’s scholarship event, knocked on doors in Skyline East, attended various club meetings, walked door to door to meet with local businesses, and discussed important issues with guests at numerous private home meet and greets.

So where in the world is Imus’ opponent, Paul Cook? He did not participate in the Congressional debate, nor has he even responded to a registered letter invitation for Meet the Candidates. Before the primary, one-fourth of Cook’s campaign funds came from special interest groups, including several Indian gaming tribes outside the district. Cook had lots of money to spend, yet had no presence in Barstow. I believe this is exactly what Barstow can expect from Paul Cook after the election as well.

Gregg Imus cares about the people of Barstow. Let’s vote for the person who has clearly demonstrated an interest in our community.

Nancy Mooney

Illegal aliens

According to Gil Cedillo, he wants illegal aliens to have driver’s licenses. “It is a victory for those who were brought here through no choice of their own, played by the rules, and are only asking to be included in an contribute to American society,” he says.
First of all if they played by the rules they would report to ICE to be deported. New-born American babies are here through no choice of their own. They should also be able to receive government grants. Perhaps they should break the laws also, if that’s the only way to get a grant too.

As far as I am concerned, in California, you can break the law if you are an illegal alien, getting special attention. Gov. KJerry Brown and Assemblyman Gil Cedillo should have their heads examined and come back down to earth.

Harvey M. Edwards

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