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Boxer Eric Anderson, center, of the Sugar Shane Mosley Team from Barstow, alongside head trainer Manny Ramos, left, and second trainer Gilbert Martinez.

Barstow's Anderson wins in Pomona

POMONA • Boxer Eric Anderson, part of the Sugar Shane Mosley Team from Barstow, won his fight in Pomona last Friday night.

Anderson beat N. Ramos out of the Azusa Boxing Club. Anderson, who weighed in at 142-pounds, was outweighed by Ramos by 13-pounds, and their match was almost not permitted to go forward because of the difference. Under such circumstances, the fighters and their trainers all need to agree to go ahead with the fight, which all in this case did. The fight was allowed to go on, and Anderson won by decision.

“There was too much of a weight difference, but Eric wanted to fight, so the officials had everyone agree to it,” said Manny Ramos, Anderson’s trainer and part of the Mosley Team. “He was great, especially for being that small. He was moving around, hitting from all angles. There were gasps from the crowd, some of his hits were so hard.”

The Sugar Shane Mosley Barstow Boxing Club will be fighting on Father’s Day. Currently, the bout is scheduled to feature four boxers, with more likely to be added on in the next few weeks. The site is the Mosley Manor in Pomona, starting at 1 p.m.

An in-town event featuring the Barstow team is in the works for the fall.

For ticket information, call 760-590-6736, or stop by the Barstow Academy of Dance at 613 East Main Street.

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