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Construction project nearing completion


BARSTOW • City officials say road work on Rimrock Road is nearing completion amid concerns that motorists are driving too fast in the construction zone.

The Rimrock project was the first item discussed by City Engineer Brad Merrell in his Street Improvement Project Review presentation at the Jan. 21 Barstow City Council Meeting.

“Right now we have paved the south side of Rimrock Road, and the final cap has been placed,” Merrell said. “Once the striping is completed, and that should be this week or next, all the traffic will be shifted to the south side, away from the homes. And then they will start repairing the north side.”

Barstow resident Rudy Duran, who lives on Rimrock Road, addressed the City Council during the public comment portion of the meeting. Duran is concerned about traffic on Rimrock exceeding the 25 mph speed limit in the construction zone.

“They’re not obeying that 25 mph construction zone,” Duran said. “They’re going 40 mph at least. You try to reach out there and grab your mail and they’re zooming right by you. Kids going to school in the morning and in the afternoon when they get out. Traffic is the same way. They don’t want to obey that 25 mph sign. (The speeding traffic is) too close to the residents on that side of the street.”

Barstow Mayor Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre recommended more prominent, flashing signs be placed in the construction zone during school hours.

“I know that because I drive that every morning, and trust me they’re always on my bumper,” Hackbarth-McIntyre said. “I’m doing 25 and they’re looking at me like why am I going so slow?

“Any chance at schooltime we can kind of put some reminders up there for the 25 mph? Or flashing or something? They definitely have to be reminded that that’s 25. Especially now that it’s so smooth. When it was all dirt they were more apt to do the 25,” Hackbarth-McIntyre said.

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