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Photo submitted by Gus Bahena

Fort Irwin observes National American Indian Heritage Month


Sam Hunter shows a spear and other weapons used by the ancient Uto-Aztecan and Hokan tribes to Sgt. 1st Class Marcus Jackson and Spc. Duain White as The National Training Center and Fort Irwin hosted a celebration to commemorate the yearly observance of National American Indian Heritage Month on Nov. 13. The celebration provided Soldiers and community members an opportunity to learn about some of the history and culture of Native American people of the Mojave Desert.

Hunter, an adviser to the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and National Training Center Museum, specializes in the seven indigenous groups of the Fort Irwin area and maintains the National Training Center’s M1A1 tank and M2 Bradley simulators. Hunter presented an informative brief about a local region inhabited by Native American tribes thousands of years ago.

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