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‘FOX NFL Sunday' set to come to Fort Irwin

Fort IRWIN • The nationally-televised football pregame show “FOX NFL Sunday” will broadcast live segments from Fort Irwin and the National Training Center on Thanksgiving Day.

Former NFL running back and current college football analyst Eddie George, NFL reporter Jay Glazer, Cleatus the FOX Sports robot and the FOX Sports Girls will be at the Army post during the special-edition pregame show and game broadcast, FOX Sports Vice President of Communications Dan Bell said.

According to Bell, the Thanksgiving Day edition of “FOX NFL Sunday” will feature about seven live look-ins to George, Glazer, the FOX Sports Girls and soldiers at the post.

Fort Irwin Community Relations Specialist Rennita Wickes, who is a New Orleans Saints fan, said this is the first holiday she won’t mind having to work.

“For FOX to show their appreciation to the National Training Center is a great boost in morale,” Wickes said. “From what I hear, we will be broadcast in over 60 million homes. This is so huge for us. It will highlight what we do here at Fort Irwin and also give some of our soldiers here an opportunity to say hello to their family back home.”

Jennifer Pransky, coordinating producer for FOX, said the National Training Center is one of the most unique places in the country. Pransky said she toured the Army post earlier this week and it was phenomenal to see a such a vibrant community out in the “middle of nowhere” and to also see how the National Training Center is designed to simulate being stationed in Afghanistan.

Pransky said the FOX crew will arrive Nov. 26 to shoot visuals of some of the training exercises to be aired on the broadcast.

“We really want to shed light on what’s special about Fort Irwin,” Pransky said. “We will give them an opportunity to talk about the training and the nature of the things that are unique about the National Training Center.”

The FOX Sports Girls will arrive at the National Training Center on Nov. 27 to participate in the 11th ACR Spouses Spur Ride, with the military spouses on base. According to Pransky, FOX Sports Regional Networks will air footage from the challenge.

Pransky said NFL on FOX has celebrated the military on Thanksgiving Day by inviting service members to the Los Angeles studio and traveling to bases around the world, including this year’s stop at Fort Irwin.

The “FOX NFL Sunday” special edition pregame show begins at 8:30 a.m. Nov. 28, followed by the Detroit Lions hosting the Green Bay Packers at 9:30 a.m.

Jose Quintero can be reached at 760-256-4122 or

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