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Fort Irwin issues new dress code


FORT IRWIN • Residents of Fort Irwin have a new dress code policy to abide by, according to a post on the Fort Irwin Facebook page.

Wearing sagging or baggy pants, torn or cut clothing, pajamas, short shorts and skirts, revealing undergarments, exposed bellies and hats worn sideways or backwards are in violation to the new policy, according to the Facebook post.

Clothing with obscene or vulgar words, drug references, sexually suggestive words or “disparaging comments concerning the military and the United States government” is also prohibited.

According to the post, Jason Miller, community information manager, stated the policy forces managers of any facilities or shops to deny service to anyone in violation of the dress code policy. The policy pertains to all indoor facilities, excluding the auto craft shop, Miller stated.

“Not one single act prompted this policy,” Miller stated. “It was an accumulative violation of discipline and individual pride. ... Being stationed at Fort Irwin provides a unique opportunity to create, not only a community of choice, but an enriched atmosphere where we can be proud of work, live and raise a family.”

Officials from Fort Irwin could not be reached for comment on Friday about the dress code policy.

According to a report from the Army Times, Fort Irwin officials said the new policy is intended to foster dignity, respect, professionalism and standards appropriate to a training installation.

Jose Quintero can be reached at 760-256-4122 or

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