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Barstow property crime down

Overall crime down despite increase in violent crimes


BARSTOW • Crime tumbled 4 percent overall in Barstow last year despite an increase in violent crimes, according to figures from the Barstow Police Department. 

Barstow’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report statistics showed there was a 25-percent decline in larceny crimes and a 45-percent drop in auto thefts. Despite an increase in burglaries, property crimes dropped 15 percent overall.

Auto thefts in 2013 totaled 102, compared to 184 in 2012.

Albert Ramirez, BPD chief of police, said the drop in property crime can be attributed to creative police work.

“Our crime overall is down right now, because we’ve done a lot of creative things to try to find ways to deal with crime trends in the city,” Ramirez said. “Some of that includes increased community police programs, crime sweeps, other regional programs in the city and inter-agency stings. We’ve increased our different programs to try to address property crime.”

Burglaries (breaking and entering) totaled 329 last year, up 24 percent from 2012. 

Ramirez said the BPD will focus on reducing the rash of burglaries in the city. He said the police department will look to find creative ways to address the 24-percent increase. 

Assaults in the city rose 21 percent, there were a total of 483 compared to 399 in 2012. There were a total of 47 robberies (taking money or property by force or fear),   two more than the previous year. There was one homicide in the city. 

 “Violent crimes are spearheaded in a way where somebody gets mad and assaults somebody,” Ramirez said. “It’s not a crime we can control, as we do property crime. It’s harder to stop someone who wants to assault another person. People get hot-tempered, angry or intoxicated and make a bad decision to strike somebody. That really is something we can’t control as a police department.”

Ramirez said he was proud to report there were 1,327 total crimes in Barstow for the year, compared to 1,380 in 2012. Ramirez feels the BPD has been arresting “the right people,” including repeat offenders who commit multiple crimes, such as burglaries.

“Overall crime is down and I’m looking forward to working with the great men and women at the police department in 2014,” Ramirez said. “We’re going to continue to work with citizens of Barstow in hopes to help us make Barstow as safe as can be.” 

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