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Quake centers northeast of Barstow


BARSTOW • Several Barstow residents said they felt a small earthquake that stuck early Tuesday morning, while others said they could not feel a thing.

The magnitude 2.6 earthquake struck approximately 14 miles northeast of Barstow at 1:50 a.m., according to Robert Graves, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey.

Graves said the quake was recorded at a depth of just 5 1/2 miles below ground level.

Barstow resident Shawna Durk commented on the Desert Dispatch’s Facebook page that she felt the quake in the pre-dawn hours. Durk said she thought it was an earthquake but her husband thought it was a jet flying over the city.

“It was a quick jolt,” Durk said. “It made my puppy jump. Before I could say we were having an earthquake my husband rejected the thought.”

As Greg Ponce locked the doors to his car, he felt the ground shake and immediately knew it was an earthquake. Ponce was surprised to find out the epicenter was about 15 miles from his home.

Ponce was thankful it was just a small quake, with no injuries or damage reported.

“You just never know with earthquakes,” Ponce said. “There’s all this talk about the ‘big one’ that we’re overdue for, and anytime there is an earthquake, no matter what size it is, you better be prepared. I lived close to Northridge when the big quake struck in the early ’90s. I experienced all that. It’s no joke.”

Graves said there were probably “one or two” residents who felt it, but the majority of Barstow residents probably slept through it.

“These magnitudes of earthquakes happen throughout California roughly every day,” Graves said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if there were not any residents who felt the quake, or just slept through it and kept on dreaming.”

The majority of the Desert Dispatch Facebook commenters said they were unaware there was an earthquake.

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