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Photo courtesy of David Ebel
David and Diane Ebel stand with "Bucky" the service dog.

Salvation Army setting roots in Barstow


BARSTOW • Salvation Army Officers David and Diane Ebel moved to Barstow two weeks ago, the 22nd move of their marriage.

The couple said they hope to make an impact with the Salvation Army organization by first teaming up with local non-profits, churches and other civic groups to meet the needs of the community.

“We’re putting our feelers out there right now,” said David Ebel. “Often the best way to serve is to ask first what are the needs of a community. We’ve come here to learn and serve how we can. We don’t come to compete but to complete.”

Ebel explained that Barstow was top on the list of places the Salvation Army was interested in expanded to in Southern California. He said they do not always build thrift stores but can also work in ministry, disaster response and a variety of different ways. In one of the last areas the couple worked at in Turlock they said they helped to raise $5.5 million and bring a 24,000 square foot community center with an Olympic-sized gym, craft area, classrooms and computer lab.

“We don’t expect to do that here,” he said, “but if we can do it there we can do it anywhere.”

The couple is certified and has more than 30 years of experience in Christian ministry and community outreach. David Ebel is disabled and has a service dog named “Bucky” who follows him wherever he goes. Ebel said he hopes to develop a nationwide program among the Salvation Army involving service dogs to bring relief to trauma victims, the elderly, college students, veterans and the disabled.

To get involved with the Salvation Army in Barstow contact David Ebel at 760-957-7945 or email

Correction: This article was updated to correct the phone number of David Ebel. A piece of information regarding the Turlock Salvation Army Community Center was also incorrect. The center is equipped with an Olympic-sized gym, not an Olympic-sized pool.

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