BARSTOW — The city may be purchasing its second live Christmas tree in two years.

For the second straight year, a tree purchased for the purpose of having an annual Christmas Tree lighting event during the holiday season has died. Both trees were planted in the downtown Main Street site next to Barstow Community Credit Union.

A year ago, the city purchased a 48-foot Eldarica Pine tree for $1,000. City of Barstow Public Service Administrator Mike Brown said during the planting of the tree he expected it to tolerate the dry conditions of the region more than the previous tree. That tree dried out and died.

According to city spokesman Anthony Riley, the new tree died and was removed from the site Thursday morning.

"We noticed the south side of the Christmas tree was somewhat in distress after a hail storm in July," Riley said. "We adjusted the water cycle, making sure it wasn't being over watered or under watered."

Riley said the tree did not respond to the efforts to nurse it back to health.

Rile said a decision will be made Wednesday on how to replace the tree.

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