YERMO — Recall election results were certified by the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters on Friday, but the resignation of the general manager has apparently left only one person in charge of Community Service District business until new board members can be sworn in before the start of Tuesday's board meeting.

Director Gary Yearsley showed up Thursday at the district office with a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department deputy to pick up keys and codes. Outgoing President Bob Smith had refused to allow General Manager Rita Dado to issue Yearsley keys and codes to the office in the past, Yearsley said.

Dado submitted her resignation on Thursday. Both Yearsley and incoming director Michel Cint said Dado cited new employment opportunities. However, both said they believe pressure from the Smith and outgoing board Vice President Geoff Berner played a role in her decision.

"Ron Frame (senior field representative for Robert Lovingood) said I will have to assume all the positions because nobody is left," Yearsley said Tuesday. "LAFCO (Local Formation Commission for San Bernardino County) said they would help me."

Dado was hired by the board on a 3-0 vote in March to replace Melissa Martin, who had resigned.

"Everybody is still living off what Bob Smith told them. It's hard to get things taken care of," Yearsley said.

But he said he believes the district will have no problem moving on.

"I don't mind starting fresh with new people," Yearsley said. "I don't feel any pressure at all. I'm just trying to keep things in order. Tons of people are offering to help. It's just hard getting new board members."

Even with the two new board members to be sworn in Tuesday, there are still two open seats that have to be filled because of resignations by Sean Cloughen and David Jensen.

"I'm very confident we will have a very good board," Yearsley saId.

Final recall election results officially certified showed Smith was recalled 179-107. Cint was the only candidate for the seat and he picked up 182 votes.

Berner was recalled 171-109. Clarissa Loehr edged Tim Souza for Berner's seat, 106-91.

Both Yearsley and Cint said they are concerned of reports of continual shredding of documents inside the office during the past week. Berner on Wednesday admitted to the shredding.

"It was my notes to myself, my documents," he said. "Some of the stuff goes back to 2000."

Berner has been involved with the board for the past 23 years.

Cint also revealed on Tuesday that he has received a lot of negative reaction from the election.

"I might be the Obama of the recall," Cint said. "I get both sides of the hate. Somebody I ran into at Vons let me have it. He told me what I was doing was wrong and I should be careful."

Meanwhile, Yearsley said he will be making sure both the district office and Fire Department will be more accessible to the public.

"There will be 100 percent transparency in that office," Yearsley said. "The general manager shouldn't have to call the president to get permission can I give this or can I give that out. The exception to that would be personnel files. Or unless we are buying property or real estate. Everything else is transparent. That's how it should be run.

"The Fire Department will be open too, so the public can see what's going on. There's no need for secrets."

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