BARSTOW After numerous delays, construction on the south side of East Rimrock Road is scheduled to be finished Thursday and traffic moved to the south side of the street so repairs can begin on the north side.

Consulting city engineer Brad Merrell said at Tuesday's City Council meeting that a few items remained to be completed by contractor C.S. Legacy Construction on the south side.

"They're raising valves on the south side, and we're not going to let them move the traffic over to the south side until the water valves are raised," Merrell said. "They just have not completed that task yet. As soon as that is done we will move the traffic over to the south side, and then commence on the repair of the north side."

Construction on East Rimrock Road began in June and the completion of the south side and traffic shift has been delayed twice.

"Supposedly it's Thursday this week we're going to switch," Merrell said. "It was supposed to be on a Monday two weeks ago, then it was supposed to be Monday. But the contractor C.S. Legacy is a little slow in completing this project.

"Basically, once the traffic is shifted to the south side we'll do the repairs on the north side, and this project will be over, hopefully."

Barstow resident Rudy Duran, who lives in a home on the north side of East Rimrock Road, expressed concerns at the Jan. 21 City Council meeting over motorists speeding through the 25-mph limit in the construction zone.

"They're not obeying that 25-mph construction zone," Duran said. "They're going 40 mph at least. You try to reach out there and grab your mail and they're zooming right by you. Kids going to school in the morning and in the afternoon when they get out. Traffic is the same way. They don't want to obey that 25-mph sign. (The speeding traffic is) too close to the (residences) on that side of the street."