HINKLEY• The town of Hinkley is featured in a two-part PBS NewsHour this week that focuses on what has happened to the town since the water pollution issue that inspired the film "Erin Brockovich."

Part one of the feature aired on Wednesday and shows news anchor Miles O'Brien visiting Hinkley, interviewing PG&E executives and attending a Community Advisory meeting in the small town. Jeff Smith, spokesperson for PG&E, said the news organization filmed a meeting in October for the piece.

O'Brien also interviews the original Erin Brockovich and talks to long-time Hinkley resident Roberta Walker, who was involved in the first PG&E settlement and is said to be the main inspiration for the character "Donna Jensen" in the film.

The news anchor also looks into the California Environmental Protection Agency's Public Health Goal for the toxin hexavalent chromium and at what level it appears in tap water around the country.

Part two of the segment will focus more on the EPA's system for regulating toxic chemicals and will air on Friday at 6 p.m. on PBS. Part one can be watched online at www.pbs.org.

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