BARSTOW Two men convicted of double homicide were sentenced to serve two consecutive life sentences in state prison without the possibility of parole Tuesday.

Garrett Ige, 27, and Lawrence Hughes, 28, were found guilty Jan. 9 of the 2003 murders of Haang "Edward" Chin and Cheuk "Alan" Cheung, whose badly-burned bodies were found in a remote part of Lenwood.

Jurors also had found each guilty of two special circumstances multiple murders and lying in wait.

Hughes' attorney Byron Congdon asked for "whatever leniency the court can show" for his client before Hughes' sentence was handed down.

Judge John Gibson spoke briefly to both men after he announced the sentences.

"I don't want there to be anymore (deaths)," Gibson said, in reference to the slayings of Chin and Cheung.

A notice of appeal was filed Tuesday by Ige's attorney, Richard Crouter, court records show.

Congdon said he planned to file an appeal for Hughes, as well.

Ten years ago, a local man found the bodies of Chin and Cheung, with their faces covered in plastic, near Interstate 15 and Lenwood Road.

Cheung had wire wrapped around his neck, according to previous reports.

Each were believed to have died from suffocation.

Last November, Deputy District Attorney Sean Daugherty argued at trial during opening statements that the motive for the murders was drug-related.

Ige's late brother, Kenden, had been convicted of the murders earlier in February 2008 and was sentenced to consecutive life terms without parole.

In 2007, additional police investigation into the deaths led to the arrests of Garrett Ige, from Monterey Park and Hughes, who had been serving time in a medium security prison in Adelanto.

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