BARSTOW• Eighty-six locations in need of cement repair work, including sidewalks, gutters and ramps will receive a facelift this month, according to a report by the City of Barstow.

Nearly 5,971 square feet of sidewalks, 532 linear feet of curbs and five ADA ramps will be fixed.

The contract for Grigolla & Sons Construction, Inc. for $88, 978 was approved at the City Council meeting on Monday night and work is expected to begin in a week-and-a-half's time, according to Assistant City Engineer Domingo Gonzales.

He said sidewalks continually uplift in the city due to the heat and curb damage is caused by motorists who drive up on them.

"We're glad to go out there and respond to some of the residents on these projects," Gonzales said. "Some of these issues have been called to City Hall from the residents and we love to resolve their concerns."

Gonzales said he walked every street in Barstow several years ago when previous repair work was done and a comprehensive assessment was completed. This time around areas being fixed were either discovered by staff or called in by residents and city officials. The city keeps a running list of sidewalks needing repair, he said.

Assistant City Manager Oliver Chi said a contractor will be used for the project because the workload is too large to be completed by city staff alone. The City of Barstow revised its "operational plan" so that in the future any sidewalk deficiencies will be repaired immediately and not accumulate, according to Chi.

Locations receiving repair work were outlined in the report; about 180 square feet of sidewalks on Barstow Road, 636 square feet on Main Street and 241 square feet on Fredricks Street were included. A separate sidewalk repair project happening exclusively on Mountain View Road between Silver Lane and Flora Street is also expected to be completed, according to a city report.

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