Not much is known about the black Range Rover involved in a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip, but that hasn't slowed the slew of calls from Interstate 15 motorists to the California Highway Patrol reporting they may have seen it.

Since the early morning incident on Thursday, which resulted in three deaths and at least six injuries, the CHP has fielded approximately 50 to 60 calls of possible sightings, Barstow CHP Officer Adam Croxton said.

"Regardless to say, every single black Range Rover is getting called to us," Croxton said.

So far, all reports have turned out false.

On Thursday afternoon, the CHP pulled over a black Range Rover matching the description on the I-15 in the Mountain Pass area, roughly 55 miles southwest of Las Vegas. That stop did not result in an arrest, Croxton confirmed.

It's been a challenging search thus far, as authorities scour every which way for a black Range Rover Sport without license plates. The vehicle has paper dealer plates, according to authorities.

Las Vegas Police said Thursday they were contacting law enforcement in three neighboring states regarding the vehicle, believed to be equipped with dark tinted windows and black custom rims.

Before dawn Thursday, shots were fired from the Range Rover upon a gray Maserati as both vehicles sped toward a red light on the Las Vegas Strip. The Maserati ran the red light at a busy intersection and crashed into a taxi that erupted into flames, killing the two people inside, Las Vegas police said.

Las Vegas Police Sgt. John Sheahan said the SUV was last seen near the Venetian Resort heading north.

The I-15 being "the main artery from Las Vegas to California" has placed the CHP on higher alert than normal, Croxton said.

"The motoring public is (on alert) too, which is good," he said. "We ask for their help in these types of situations."

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