BARSTOW• The usual bustle of construction to fix the Lenwood Road culvert hasn't been seen or heard in the last few weeks.

Design re-evaluations and negotiations regarding the additional costs with contractor, Sukut Construction, have pushed completion of the Lenwood Road Drainage Improvement Project to April, officials said Tuesday.

"We still have issues we're trying to resolve," said Grant Mann, contracts division chief for the San Bernardino County Department of Public Works, which is administering repairs to the road that washed out in 2010.

The bridge crosses a small part of the Mojave River just north of Main Street.

Changes to the design were made with general betterment of structural integrity in mind, Mann said.

The first change is that different guardrails will be used in "an effort to minimize impact on the bridge," he said. And the second change is that more construction joints will be added to allow the concrete to expand and contract.

The additional costs for these changes aren't expected to put the project above its original $1.8 million price tag, he explained, since contingency plans were factored in at the project's onset.

The project was expected to be completed around the middle of last month. Mann now points toward a mid- to late-April finish.

"The work itself isn't going to take all that long," he noted, "once (contractors) get on the job site and start working again."

Asked if it was common to implement design changes in the middle of construction, he said "change orders happen on a fairly regular basis."

"It's the Mojave River that we're dealing with," he said. "We're trying to make it a permanent fix so we have that all-weather crossing."

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