BARSTOW• Services are expected to be held next week for the Barstow woman who was killed while walking along the 210 freeway.

Jon Dickenson said he believes his girlfriend, Vanessa Marie Bravo, was hitchhiking after her scheduled ride to Devore became unavailable on the night of Feb. 5.

Bravo was walking westbound on a dimly-lit portion of the freeway when a motorist driving westbound in the second lane struck her, according to a California Highway Patrol news release.

Dickenson said he is the father to Bravo's eight children and the couple had been together off and on for 11 years. Dickenson said she was not pregnant at the time of her death, as was speculated by her Uncle Edmond Bravo. But Dickenson said she did recently give birth to their 7-month-old daughter Evie.

"I just want her children to know that she loved them. She was trying to do good," Dickenson said.

Dickenson said Bravo struggled throughout their relationship with substance abuse problems and would leave the home periodically while working on "cleaning herself up." Their four oldest children were consequently placed in foster care.

In the week prior to her death, Bravo made contact with her mother and sisters to rekindle their relationships.

"It's just ironic that right before she died she was trying to make things better," Dickenson said.

Bravo is survived by her children Anastasia, 12, Jessie, 10, Jon, 8, Angel, 7, Omi, 5, Ezra, 3, Adelina, 2, and Evie, 7 months; mother Diane Lara; stepfather Jose Orozco; brother Richard Bravo; sisters Veronica Orozco, Jessica Orozco and Melissa Orozco; and Dickenson.

A memorial service is scheduled for Feb. 22 at 10 a.m. at St. Joseph's Catholic Church.

Dickenson will also have a private viewing with her mother and close relatives, and her body will be cremated. Donations for her memorial service are being accepted. For more information, contact Celia Flores at (760) 694-7840.

The family is also looking to collect any photos of Bravo that the public may have. Contact Jon Dickenson at (760) 590- 5103.