Bernice "Bea" Berglund is no longer preoccupied with the anxiety of a looming eviction.

The 99-year-old was informed last week that she is free to stay at her residence in the 33000 block of Newberry Road or relocate at the new owner's expense, according to her caretaker Dolly Linebaugh.

"When I told Bea about this she looked like a ton of bricks had just been lifted and she looked like she suddenly came back to life," Linebaugh wrote in an email. "She got really happy and started dancing around."

Three week's earlier, Berglund's neighbor Joanne Gonzales spoke to contractors looking to place a bid to clean up the dusty area, full of four trailer homes, a wood shed and many odds and ends. The contractors told her that as soon as a bid was placed, Berglund would be asked to leave.

Nationstar Mortgage acquired the title to the property. Without hearing from the bank for several months, Gonzales and Berglund were worried about being forced to relocate the trailer she's lived in for the past 30 years. Berglund did not have the means to move.

"I feel better," Berglund said when asked about her reaction to the news.

Linebaugh said she's checking out some nearby properties in case Berglund decides to relocate an idea she began to accept with the stress of the situation, according to Linebaugh.

"Once she realizes they aren't going to bother her or pressure her anymore I think she will be able to relax again and enjoy however long she has left," Linebaugh said.

In April, Berglund will turn 100 years old; she's now preparing a big yard sale like she's always talked about.

"I like to sell things," Berglund said. "I've got all kinds of stuff: purses, clothes, dishes, expensive lamps and books."

According to Linebaugh, bank manager Kelly Fengler was extremely kind when she asked for their permission to allow a crew to clean up the property. She also said they didn't want to impose or upset Berglund in anyway.

"She seemed truly concerned about Bea and her well-being," she said.

Fengler also told Linebaugh that the cleanup was necessary after the city had fined the bank for the trailers on the property.

A message left with Nationstar Mortgage had not been returned as of press time.

"Joanne and I are going to start cleaning up and fixing her trailer," Linebaugh said, "and I think she'll decide to stay just where she is."

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