The City Council met in their role as the Board of Directors for the annual Barstow Harvey House Foundation meeting Monday night.

The new slate of officers including the newly elected City Treasurer Michael Lewis and City Clerk JoAnne Cousino were approved.

The Barstow Harvey House Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established by the City to maintain the historical significance of the site and promote its development.

The financial report for 2012 was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors at the meeting.

The foundation had a balance of $15,416.75 at the beginning of fiscal year 2012 with revenues of $437.75 and expenses of $410.47. The ending balance for 2012 was $15,444.03.

One public comment was made by Michael Hernandez.

"In 2011, when you had your last meeting I asked you 'What are you doing to promote this?' and to this date nothing has been done," he said. "I know you set up some coins for the 100th year but that's about all you've done."

No comments were made in response to Hernandez at the meeting.

Although City Spokesman Anthony Riley said the City is always looking to make improvements at the Harvey House and its facilities.

"The leasing company at the Harvey House has worked diligently to fill any vacancies for office space, the Film Office facilitates short-term production space for potential film projects, and multiple events are held at the Harvey House each year, including our most recent swearing-in-ceremony in December and public meetings pertaining to citywide issues such as the very recent meeting regarding the court closure," he said.