BARSTOW The 10 nonprofit organizations that won permits to sell fireworks over the Fourth of July holiday period have submitted final applications, the city says.

The applications show for the first time where each of the stands will be located within the city.

The city's fireworks ordinance mandates that the stands be no closer than 200 feet from each other, Community and Economic Development Director Margaret Carter said.

City officials had reviewed all of the submitted documents and found no problems, Carter said.

Officials from the Building and Planning Department and Barstow Fire Protection District must inspect the stands once they have been constructed and sign off on their design before they can begin operating.

Fireworks stands will operate in the parking lots of several local businesses, including Stater Brothers, Walmart, the Barstow Mall, Quigley's restaurant, the Lenwood Road Del Taco, Rosita's restaurant, Coco's Bakery Restaurant, the Greater Hope Foundation and Rite Aid.

Nine organizations partnered with TNT Fireworks, the distributor that gave a presentation to the City Council about safe and sane fireworks in February. The Barstow College Foundation partnered with TNT's competitor, Phantom Fireworks.