FRESNO Five Barstow Judokas traveled to Fresno to compete in the 2012 California Judo Inc. Judo Championships, held on May 19 and 20, in the Fresno Convention Center. More than 400 Judo competitors from throughout the state were entered in the competition.

Ten year-old Isaiah Ramirez set the pace for the Barstow Judokas by winning the gold medal for the fifth year in a row, while 11 year-old Elizabeth Wright won the gold for the fourth time in the past five years. Ramirez and Wright are the top medal winners in the Barstow Judo Club, winning 23 to 26 medals a year.

Also bringing home a medal was William "Bill" Wright, who won the bronze in the over 50 year-old Masters Division.

Taking part in the competition but not placing in the top three were William "Nick" Wright and Daniel Valdez.

The Barstow Judokas are trained by 8th Degree Black Belt holder, Ernie Smith.