Water rates

 This letter is for everybody that gets a water bill, including all business owners.
 I've seen those ads in the paper that say "We beat the water company" and they brag about getting a desert landscaped yard. Well, if everybody were to do the same and not use much water, we would still be up the creek. All the water company has to do is tell the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) that they're not making enough money because we're not using very much water. And the PUC will grant them another rate raise. The PUC already granted them a 20 percent rate raise and next they want a 25 percent raise. When was the last time any of you got a 20 percent or 25 percent raise in pay? What an outrage.

The PUC has the system stacked in favor of the water company. That's why the last time the PUC held a public meeting to get input from the public they specified that only written letters would count. Over 700 people went to protest and only a couple of letters were submitted. Well only the couple of letters were sent to Sacramento and they decided the issue on those couple of letters. They didn't count the 700 protesters that showed up.

Something has to be done to level the system on the consumers' side. The PUC works for us and not the water company. All the PUC has to do is take a head count and use it but they won't. We probably need to get the politicians into the act. Does anybody out there have any good solutions for this water company/PUC rip-off ?

Arthur Zamora