More on BUSD Personnel Commission

Re: "BUSD Personnel Commission" (Raynette Greaver, Letters, May 10).

Ms. Greaver, unfortunately, has written one sliver of truth surrounded by misinformation. Contrary to her statements, the Personnel Commission has had numerous meetings with the district, and both parties continue to seek a collaborative solution to a complicated issue. 
The Commission's ability to manage its office and staff is not something that is part of the labor contract. In fact, the Merit (Civil Service) System, managed by the Commission, has a budget and staff that is purposely independent from the district to ensure autonomy (protected under Education Code Sections 45240-45320) so that there is no undue influence or political pressure or nepotism to hire individuals who are favorites, family, or friends of someone in a position of influence. The employee mentioned was provided a three-month evaluation, several training opportunities, and a verbal five-month formal coaching session (with representation), prior to her release from probation at six months.

CSEA filed a grievance for not providing a "written" five-month evaluation. The Commission admitted to the oversight and offered to provide one as a remedy.  CSEA refused, and instead, entered into an agreement with the district to reinstate the employee to the Commission's staff. If the Commission doesn't have the ability to hire or retain its own staff, how can we possibly serve the district in this capacity? 

Ms. Greaver has not been involved in the employee's performance management or meetings and correspondence between the district and the Commission, and to purport that she has all the facts is a misrepresentation. Unfortunately, CSEA is offering this employee as the reason to vote out the Merit System, which shows favoritism for one, to the detriment of many who will lose the rights and protections afforded by it.

Amy Mitchell
Director of Classified Personnel, Barstow Unified School District