Reprint with corrections

Don't you just hate it when politicians speak in half truths?  Take for instance Phil Liberatore who is running for the US House of Representatives, CA 8th Congressional District seat.  First, he did not participate in the Barstow Congressional Debate but did attend the debate held the following night in Victorville.

At the March 30th Victorville Congressional Debate, candidates were asked, where do you reside?  After an attempt to avoid the question, Liberatore stated he was "in the process" of finding a home in our 8th district.  He does have a P.O. Box in Independence, CA.  At a May 5th Liberatore rally in Apple Valley, when a male attendee asked the question again; Liberatore said he had a rental in Arrowhead.  That was the end of the Q & A as the man had the microphone abruptly removed from his hand.

Where in the world does Phil Liberatore live??

He actually lives in Whittier, CA (his mailing address) and his Campaign Committee Office is based in La Mirada.  This information can be verified by checking the website for the filing period ending March 31, 2012.   With a search of the April Quarterly pdf, you can view his residency status and view any other pertinent information.

Phil Liberatore does not live in the 8th Congressional District.  He ran for the 42nd Congressional District seat in 2010 in LA County but lost to Gary Miller.  You see, the newly drawn 8th district has a much larger proportion of Republican voters than Democrat voters.  Mr. Liberatore chose to cross district lines to find a more favorable district in which to run. 


Do not be swayed by the amount of money on advertising, colorful expensive mail flyers, radio advertisements, and robo-calls that will be spent by the Liberatore campaign.  In my opinion, a big city dweller who doesn't live in this district cannot relate to the issues that affect our many rural, desert and mountain communities nor understand our economic condition or needs.  Though he claims to be a Tea Party favorite, there are no Tea Party groups in the district who support him.

Why would I or anyone vote for a politician who can't be forthright on a simple question like, where do you live?

Vote carefully in 2012.

Nancy Mooney