BUSD Personnel Commission

Re: "Personnel commission sues school district" (Desert Dispatch, April 24).
Classified school staff of Barstow Unified School District like myself are in the process of bringing to a vote to eliminate the personnel commission from Barstow Unified School District. The director and commissioners of this Personnel Commission have refused to abide by the union contract between classified staff and BUSD.

This contract was violated and a grievance was filed and a resolution was agreed upon. The commissioners refuse to abide by this agreement even though the employee involved is covered by this contract. Classified employees were shocked at the arrogance this displayed. All efforts on the part of the union and BUSD administration to resolve this situation have been rebuffed by the commission and it's director. The commission is now spending money, our hard-earned tax dollars, that is supposed to be used to educate our children in order to sue to get their way. The actions of the BUSD personnel commission director and the commissioners at that time defy logic and any semblance of a moral responsibility. Classified employees like myself have no recourse but to vote the commission out.

The Desert Dispatch could have written this article without mentioning the employee's name. I fail to understand the need to do this. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. This employee has already suffered extreme stress from the commissioners and the director from their treatment of her. Our classified staff are trying to support this employee the best we can because we hold her in high esteem since she is willing to stay the course to force the personnel commission to follow the law and do the right thing.
It is not an easy thing to stand up for your rights.

Raynette Greaver

United Nations Agenda 21

Seniors are suffering a perfect storm brought about by higher sewer, water, and electricity rates and higher gas and grocery prices. These were all deliberately brought about by California's wonderful "cap and trade" policies, which have put a squeeze on energy.
Many seniors on a fixed income will be forced out of their modest homes and cars. Agenda 21 goal achieved; welcome to "smart growth."

Barstow should wake up. We are not slated for growth. (Remember, the Public Utilities Commission told the water company it could raise rates again.) Look at the sustainable development maps of the future and just try to find Barstow. Smart growth does not want us out here in the middle of the desert and that is why there will be no high speed train stop in Barstow.

Check out what is happening to rural dwellers around Lancaster. Start down-sizing and getting ready to move to "stack 'em and pack 'em" transit villages in Victorville or San Bernardino. As President Obama says, "We're moving forward!"

Nancy Dittman

Congressional District 8

This newly created Congressional District 8 that we live in has a real strange mix of candidates, all vying for our votes.

Joe Golden pointed out correctly that the mayor of almost bankrupt Victorville Ryan McEachron, and supporter of Harry Reid's high speed rail boondoggle, certainly cannot help us in Washington, who needs someone to bankrupt us at the Federal level? We do have a councilmember or two locally that endorse McEachron, but then they also endorsed doubling our sewer bills during the worst recession in recent history. Obviously we must take th.eir endorsement(s) with a grain of salt.

Then we have Brad Mitzelfelt whose absolute unconcern for us makes him a horrible choice. In fact any one of the candidates that is an incumbent or who has worked for, or has . been associated in any way with the Postrnus era cannot and should not be trusted. Almost all of the candidates come from that group. Anthony Adams gave us the largest tax increase in California history and then claimed it was really to cut costs.

Any candidate that did not find us worthy of their presence at our Congressional debate to answer our questions does not deserve our vote. Left wing, right wing excuses mean nothing; the questions asked were questions that the general Barstow citizenry asked. We deserve answers.

Then we have Phil Liberatore (also a no-show at the Barstow debate, but did go to the Victorville debate). He is a very wealthy accountant who lives in Whittier. In fact, he just loaned himself $785,000.00 to run for this $174,000.00 per year job.

There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. There is nothing wrong with living in Whittier. However there is a lot wrong with living in Whittier and never living in this district while at the same time sending out mailers with Independence, CA., return addresses implying that he lives here, or temporarily posting on his website that he currently lives in Victorville. All the wealth in the world does you no good if you have a bankrupt sense of truth and honor.
For years we have been lied to by our "representatives", we don't need or want that any longer and we deserve better.

Nick Benson Sr.