Research candidates before voting

One can only shake their head in disbelief when reading the Desert Dispatch articles about our City Council. This time it is the Feb. 10th edition of the Dispatch that has an article that mentions two members of City Council (Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre and Tim Saenz) endorsing Neil Derry. Mind you that this is the same City Council that voted to double our sewer rates during the worst recession in history. And also mind you that the $46 sewer bill you are seeing now will soon be going to $64. This council has no concept of tax dollars or concern for your finances.

In 2011, Derry was charged with corruption, money laundering, filing a false report, and perjury. The felonies were later reduced to misdemeanors and some charges dropped; Derry had to pay fines. But how many tax dollars do you suppose were used to try this recipient of Bill Postmus favors? Derry claims to want all sorts of great things for Barstow, but like Mitzelfelt, he still has not even responded to a local disabled veteran's plea for help with a property damage claim against the county. How can we expect him to respond to other concerns? Derry supports renewable energy, i.e. sustainable development, i.e. taking your property for the "good of others," although he and his ilk deny that controlling others and benefiting himself is not what he has in mind.

Also in the same paper is yet another article about the corruption case involving the Postmus regime. The article describes allegations that part of the money from at least two of Postmus' bribes were then received by Brad Mitzelfelt (now running for Congress no less!), Neil Derry (now running for supervisor again), Ryan McEachron (mayor of almost bankrupt Victorville also running for Congress) and several others. Another of Postmus' favored politicians was Adelanto Mayor Jim Nehmens. That money went to help Nehmens defend himself from embezzling funds from little league! Stealing from children! Mitzelfelt continues to use your tax dollars to pay his chief of staff $242,000 per year and his $242K chief of staff lives in Utah! I guess Mitzelfelt believes San Bernardino County residents are too stupid to do the job?

James Ramos, also running for 3rd District supervisor, also has his share of issues. The bottom line is, just because we have City Council members that are not smart enough to do their homework does not mean that you also should not be smart. The Feb. 10 Dispatch article is an excellent starting point to start your research. Before placing your vote, find out about the candidates. San Bernardino County has a bad reputation for corruption; we can change that. If someone's name is attached to the Postmus/Mitzelfelt regime, it is a safe bet that you do not want them representing you and they need to be voted out This county is filled with corruption some real, some perceived so please, do your homework, and if council members endorse someone less than acceptable, or has cost you money i.e. outlandish sewer bills, vote them out also.

Nick Benson Sr., Barstow