BARSTOW Both Barstow police associations sent the city manager a letter stating they have "no confidence" in Police Chief Dianne Burns.

The Barstow Police Officers Association and the Barstow Police Management Association voted on the letter Thursday.

"A majority of both police units are concerned with the past performance of Chief Burns and the detriment her return may have on the department and the community," the BPOA said in a press release.

The city announced Thursday Burns would return to her position as chief of police of Barstow Police Department, resuming her duties on Monday. City Manager Curt Mitchell placed Burns on paid administrative leave August 4, 2011, but did not give reasons why, stating it was private personnel information.

The letter asks that Burns's leave of absence be extended until the staff can review new information "...relating to poor performance, favoritism, and hostile work environment created by (Chief Burns)."

Neither BPMA President Sgt. Mike Hunter nor BPOA President Officer Catherine Greig would give specifics about the claims, nor would they describe the new information given in the letter because it was sensitive personnel information, they said.

The letter also blames the city's administration for "failing to adequately address all concerns" during their review of personnel issues while she was leave. Neither Hunter nor Greig would comment further.

The BPOA represents 30 police officers and the MPMA represents six, Greig said.

"I would hope that they would consider the contents of the letter based on the merit of the associations," Hunter said.

Mitchell said he will not extend Burns's leave but he will work with her to address the associations' concerns.

Attempts to reach Burns through phone and e-mail were unsuccessful Friday.

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