On Obama and the Constitution

It seems that the term "We the People" has no meaning anymore.

When we vote for a candidate for president, the people's popular vote does not count. Whose idea was it to have an electoral college decide who should win the election?

According to Obama's administration, "We The People" have no say in how our country and economy should run. He has an answer for everything and pats himself on the back for doing a lousy job. He is constantly challenging the United States Constitution, on which this country became prosperous and generous to those who needed assistance. (Not including freeloaders and illegal aliens).

Now we have a U.S Supreme court justice, Ruth Ginsberg stating to the Egyptians, "I wouldn't use the U.S. constitution as a model." What the heck is that all about? She thinks that the constitution of South Africa is a great piece of work and Canada has a charter of rights and freedoms. She wants us to look at the European convention on human rights and take advantage of it.

We should not have to compare or change our constitution to follow other nations. She can go to those countries if she does not like our constitution. Our government is going crazy under Obama's dictatorship. It must stop. We can stop organized crime by not re-electing those in office. Get rid of all of them and start with a clean slate.

Harvey M. Edwards, Barstow


Contradictions on spending arguments

I am confused by Anita DeLeon's letter to the editor in the Feb. 3 edition of the Desert Dispatch. Ms. DeLeon states that the proposed roundabout in Barstow is a waste of money in "an economy where every tax dollar should be spent wisely," yet in her Jan. 19 letter she states that illegal aliens should be given taxpayer dollars for higher education.

Did Ms. DeLeon suddenly become fiscally responsible or does she feel that spending taxpayer dollars on illegal aliens is "smart spending" while attempting to make Barstow more aesthetically pleasing is "bad spending"?

Now I do think that the roundabout is a silly idea that is simply catering to environmentalist nuts that basically feel everybody should get rid of their cars and ride bicycles only, but for Ms. DeLeon to use taxpayer dollars as a reason to object to the project is ludicrous.

Tony Marquez, Barstow