Will America follow Greece's path?

On Feb. 13 riots in Greece were in the news, again.

Last spring, we heard Stephen Lerner, connected to SEIU, say the goal should be to bring the economy down. By autumn, we saw the onset of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Overall, their message was fractured babble to anyone with just a tiny understanding of economics. When they were coherent about their protests such as the foreclosures, bailouts, and bonuses, all were traceable to an inept Congress and president.

As was displayed by every interview, normal discourse was not possible with the "occupiers."
They were being paid to occupy (take up space) not think.

A question has nagged me all this time and should have been asked of the occupiers: If they could actually bring down Wall Street, who will pay the pensions? State, county, city, town, police, fire, health care, IRA, 401K and business pensions are all invested in stocks and bonds. When the pensions stop, we will truly see the "transformation of America." There it is; the goal of the president!

You are thinking, this could never happen. When the USSR collapsed, millions of pensioners had to subsist on a small fraction of their original pensions. Think about this every time you hear about the "brave new occupier movement." They will definitely be back for an "occupier spring." There is rioting in Greece today because the pensions must be cut.

The newscaster reminded us "Greece is the birthplace of democracy." History has taught us democracies are not sustainable and that is why our forefathers chose to form a republic, even though they had doubts we would be able to keep it. They knew every effort would be made to bring it down.

Nancy Dittman, Barstow