BARSTOW • Recently released school salary data shows Barstow teachers make less than their peers throughout the state, though much more than the average Barstow resident.

The average Barstow Unified School District teacher made $59,325 in the 2010-2011 school year, according to information released Thursday by Ed-Data, a website that coordinates with the state Department of Education.

Barstow teachers have had virtually no across-the-board pay increases in five years, while the average salary has gone up slightly year to year, the data shows. They make anywhere between $37,175 to as high as $78,351 each year and work 185 service days.

While the average teacher in Barstow makes less than teachers statewide, they bring in nearly triple the average Barstow resident, according to data available on the City of Barstow website. As of Feb. 2010, the average income in Barstow per capita was $20,202 though little more than 6 percent of Barstow residents had attained as much education as a teacher.

Cameron Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Cameron Blake said he was not concerned with how much he makes, though he acknowledged it had been a while since he's had a raise.

"Do we get paid enough? Sure. What I make is more than enough," Blake said.

Barstow Educators Association President Candy Michaelson did not return messages left for her at her work.

Barstow Unified teachers make slightly less than teachers at Silver Valley Unified District, who bring home an average of $61,947 a year, Ed-Data shows. Silver Valley salaries have steadily increased since 2005.

BUSD Interim Superintendent Jeff Malan said the district has not been immune to the financial difficulties experience by the state.

"We try to stay competitive, but I also recognize that we have to live within our means with where our finances are at," Malan said.

Barstow teachers haven't had to take any furlough days or decreases in pay like other professions, despite the economic recession, Malan said. He figures they make about average in the High Desert.

"Our goal is to make sure our teachers are fairly compensated," Malan said. "We recognize the hard work  and dedication they show on a daily basis."

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