Stop signs, not roundabouts

I would like to say the roundabouts are another waste of money. Just like the study done on Muriel and Rimrock a while back. It resulted in a few signs being put up, which speeders still ignore and people are still in harms way.

A long time ago I wrote to the City Council and asked if they could make Muriel and Rimrock and Rimrock and Monterey Ave. a four-way stop. I told them why, too. I go no response.
I believe putting up the two extra stop signs and painting four-way crosswalks is a lot cheaper than paying someone to design some extravagant roundabout, especially in this economy when every tax dollar should be spent wisely.

Maybe if some of you write to the City Vouncil just maybe, they'll listen to you. I feel most of us would like this City Council to complete the road projects keep track of our water quality and upgrade the sewer system, these are necessary. Also, it would be nice to have a four-way stop with crosswalks at Armory and Monterey because this is where a lot of high school kids run across Armory up Monterey after the school bus drops them off, where the speed limit is 40 mph.

Something to think over.

Anita DeLeon, Barstow

Let people fly armed

Regarding the Dream Act letter by Nick Benson: right on. What other country lets illegal aliens in and rewards them?

This country was founded on freedom. The Second Amendment was to keep it that way, so why the big fit about Tim Donnelly with his gun? It would be a whole lot safer on a plane with a few armed passengers. Any idiot knows where the pilot is, but he doesn't know which passenger has a gun or where he sits. I would like it a lot more if a few passengers carried guns.

The gun grabbers claim a bullet hole in a plane will destroy it. Stick your finger in the hole so the air doesn't get out simple. A bullet hole doesn't destroy a plane. Look at some of the planes in wars. They fly with dozens of holes. If we had more people like Nick Benson instead of Feinstein and Bloomberg the country might have a chance.

Joe Golden, Yermo