Some real spending solutions

Here we go again! The Democrats want to raise taxes to reduce the deficit, and the Republicans want to control or lower spending to reduce the deficit. Which makes more sense? I will leave that up to you.

The stupid committee was a waste of time and money; we need people with common sense who can figure out how to reduce the deficit. Here are several simple solutions to start the process.

Stop all the so-called entitlement programs.
Stop all foreign aid.
Stop aiding and abetting illegal aliens in this country.
Stop all pork-loaded projects for special interest groups.
Get control of welfare and Medicare fraud.

These are just a few suggestions that can be started right now.

Of course the stupid committee will say that it is a very complex situation to achieve this goal, I say the complexity is manufactured by them, in order to stonewall the American people.

We have had enough from these so-called representatives of the American people. Get rid of all of them and start anew without these entrenched, out of touch, spineless people who only care about their job and political standing.

Come on citizens, we need to get tough with these losers.

Harvey M. Edwards, Barstow