Leave the cross alone

The front page of the Nov. 17 Desert Dispatch shows a picture of a cross that was taken down in the Mojave National Preserve.

My understanding is it is the second one since the theft of the original one placed there by men and women who risked their life for the freedom of that very land. And as they put the cross there, they did so in memory of the ones who paid the ultimate price, their life. As I read about this time and time again, first I think a park worker's focus is misplaced, why would that cross bother them?

With All the trash and tires and dangerous stuff out there in the desert, they deem the cross to be trash and immediately remove it, but the toxic and nasty stuff doesn't bother that worker? They could clean the restrooms at the parks so they can be opened.

And the ACLU, well it's my opinion, they have left their jurisdiction. If they want to be involved in this sort of thing, why not look into the Hinkley sludge dump? Now that's offensive. This town for the most part is military and railroad folks. Most if not all are more offended by the removal and even the debate of the removal of that Cross, not the cross itself.

La Donna Akin, Barstow