Councilman Willie Hayes Sr. was absent. The following items were discussed at Monday's meeting.

City Council approves sewer fee refunds and revised implementation date The city voted unanimously to approve refunding sewer fees to commercial customers the city found were overcharged. The resolution will also refund residential customers increases paid from May to November $49 each. Those customers who were overcharged will be charged a lower amount until the city finishes developing a more effective way to calculate sewer fee charges.

City approves Capitol Improvement Plan The city voted unanimously to approve its 5-year Capitol Improvement Plan. City staff have been developing the plan for several months before presenting to the City Council at the Nov. 7 meeting. After that feedback, two items were added to the plan.

The CIP identifies future funding needs as well as facility maintenance and repair. The plan is projected to cost the city $37.97 million over the next five years to be broken down as follows:

2011-12 $20.76 million
2012-13 $7.17 million
2013-14 $3.89 million
2014-15 $3.73 million
2015-16 $2.41 million

City awards street reconstruction projects Council member Tim Saenz abstained from voting on all items pertaining to the awarding of street projects because one of the projects was within 500 feet of his home. The city awarded street reconstruction projects to the following contractors:

Sully-Miller Contracting: $1.4 million to reconstruct Agnes Avenue, Agnes Avenue Cul-de-Sac, Elm Avenue, Frances Avenue, North Muriel Drive, Kathleen Avenue, and Adele Avenue.

Vance Corporation: $1.3 million to reconstruct Caliente Drive, Elizabeth Street, Belinda Avenue, and Mountain View Street.

City approves purchase of police interceptors The city unanimously approved the purchase of four 2011 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptors from Wondries Fleet Service, costing $98,258.88. At the Nov. 7 council meeting, the city approved the purchase of the interceptors from Soutar's Ford last week but was not able to purchase them because Soutar's did not have enough in stock.

The interceptors will be used for police K-9 units.

City searches for Planning Commissioner Planning Commissioner Diane Flores will not serve on the Commission after her term expires Dec. 31. The City Council appointed Saenz and Mayor Joe Gomez to serve on the selection committee and conduct interviews to appoint Flores' replacement. The city will advertise the position and establish time frames for submittal of applicants.