On Obama and housing

We have great news, Obama stops buying souvenirs for Congress. Big deal. When he flies all over in a million-dollar-an-hour plane for speeches and vacations. That is really saving money.

Then we have Barstow opening a new housing development. They already have dozens that didn't sell and hundreds in foreclosures or abandoned. This will really fix the economy. When they get them all built and go bankrupt I will buy them all for $100 each. This is only more pie in the sky. Who will live in them, gangbangers, homeless, dirtbags. With 30 percent of houses in Barstow for sale or foreclosure, why build more?

Joe Golden, Yermo

Call it Christmas vacation

Reading the Desert Dispatch article about departing Barstow Unified School District Superintendent Sue Levine, how can one not see the irony behind the school board's decision to break the news of her contract not being renewed early?

I am in no way suggesting the Ms. Levine's Christmas should be diminished in any way. But it does seem ironic that school board member Ben Rosenberg states, "We told her early so it wouldn't harm her during the holiday time." Mr. Rosenberg asks "How awful would it be December 24th to say, 'Oh by the way, we're not renewing your contract'?"

The school board rightfully does not want to ruin her Christmas, yet it is OK to ruin all of the students' Christmases because they are not even allowed to say Christmas any longer, let alone celebrate it. Wouldn't it be nice to have a school board with the guts to get rid of "Winter Break" and bring back Christmas vacation as many other school districts have?

Merry Christmas, students.

Nick Benson Sr., Barstow