More government is not the answer

The Wall Street protesters are impressive. A worldwide protest is not easy. Corporate greed might be the message of the protesters. Less money for corporations and more money for the little guy might be one of the ideas.

From a moderate Republican view, what is the alternative? A person might reason a rebirth of small business is the answer. However, small business is gradually fading in America. Some might reason the Republican party will arise. However, George W. Bush was set back by war. John McCain lost the 2008 election. The Republican machine failed to provide hope.

The only alternative is big government, because only government is strong enough to battle the corporation.

Do not be fooled. Big government is fueled by higher taxes on somebody.

The hope is to wait. Wait for the Tea Party. Wait for new blood. Wait for Rick Perry. Wait for Mitt Romney. One reason the allies won World War II was the ability to wait for a sound counter-offensive.

Michael Cooke, Hinkley