Politicians' plan: raise taxes or lay off cops

Our new governor and other left-wing zealots are telling us that they must raise our taxes and fees because the state is billions of dollars in debt and may go bankrupt.

In my opinion our state got that way because politicians like the governor have had a philosophy of spend, spend, spend. And it didn't matter what the money was spent on as long as in the end these same politicians satisfied special interest groups and got re-elected.

Let's use some common sense and first end these "special interest group's black hole programs" that are sucking our state dry every year and are costing us higher taxes and fees.

The first cuts should be to slash programs and benefits to illegal aliens in our state. California spends between 9 to 10 billion of our tax dollars every year on programs and benefits to illegal aliens.

Next cut funding for the state's fraud-laden program entitled "section 8 housing." Next all funding should be stopped for any program that will cause our state higher unemployment. Also stop any program that would raise the price of gasoline or diesel fuel in our state.

Now some of these same special interest groups will read this and cry aloud, illegal aliens pay taxes the same as everybody else! That's not true. They can't pay state income tax because they do not have a legal Social Security number. The cannot pay federal income taxes for the same reason.

They keep coming to our state from Mexico and now even Communist China just to give birth to their children and thereby make their children citizens of our country and then entitled to all the benefits our government will shower upon them.

Our president came out just a few days ago and stated the he doesn't want to deport any illegal aliens! Eighty percent of illegal aliens that are caught are never deported.

Our state politicians just a few days ago shot down a bill in the state Senate that would have stopped taxpayers in our state from subsidizing illegal aliens attending our state's public universities.

Our prison system is overrun with illegals from Latino gangs with ties to the Mexican Mafia. And the only answer your politicians have is to raise your taxes and fees, create sanctuary cities for illegals, lay off cops, teachers, firemen, close all state parks and let all non-violent inmates out of prison, because our prisons are over crowed with violent illegal aliens.

This is pure insanity.

Steve Beavers, Barstow