YERMO • Marine and civic dignitaries celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the Marine Corps Logistics Base — Maintenance Center Barstow Friday with a rededication and ribbon cutting.   

About 400 people sat in the stands during the half-century celebration of the modern and high-tech fix-it shop, which helps so many troops abroad.

The celebration kicked off with the presenting of colors. 

Maj. Gen. James A. Kessler, Col. Randy J. Lawson and Mike Bogdahn, Deputy Commander of the Maintenance Center Barstow, addressed the crowd by thanking all civilians and active members who have been a part of the Maintenance Center and the important rebuilding, maintenance and repair work it has done.

Mayor Joe Gomez topped off the celebration by creating a proclamation that makes April 22 Maintenance Center Day.

"I think the celebration was fantastic," Kessler said. "The Maintenance Center has been so good for so long and I think this definitely helps the employees morale."

According to Bogdahn, the 50-year anniversary was an important celebration, he realized a month ago after reading an old newspaper article that it had been 50 years since the Maintenance Center Barstow opened and he wanted to make sure that he not only celebrated the center but the people that have done so much.

As part of the celebration 10 current civilians and retired Marines, who had been working at the Maintenance Center Barstow since 1964, were recognized for their dedication as the longest-working employees there.

"I think that we often take these organizations for granted but it's important to celebrate them and remember what they do," Col. Sherry Bosley, support brigade commander, said.
The ceremony reaffirmed the mission of support that the Maintenance Center does.

"It has made a lot of contributions in the community," Gomez, said. "The Maintenance Center means a lot to me and the people of Barstow, many of whom are employed here."

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