Teachers are not the problem

When the economy went or started to slide downward, many people complained that it was the illegal aliens, and now it seems that teachers and their unions are now being blamed for all of the mess that in truth has been caused by the banks, those who were supposed to oversee the banks and those who hold office now, who continue to waste our tax money on pet projects at the expense of our schools.

The scores have been published in this newspaper and our public schools have outscored every charter school.

Mr. Bob Vasseur doesn't know what he is talking about regarding unions. Teachers work for the state (us), but that doesn't make them indentured servants. They should be able to choose people from their ranks to represent them and their needs. It is a myth that teachers cannot be fired. Teachers can be fired for saying the word of God in a classroom. Contracts come up for renewal every so many years. If a teacher can't cut it they are gone. That's the truth.

We know the schools have been cut billions of dollars. Teachers have had to buy their own supplies for a long time. In our cities (San Bernardino) many children come to school hungry because their parents have very little money left over to buy food and many children have to live in broken down motels. So that means many teachers now have to be social workers too. Teachers who care find themselves buying snacks for their students. Children can not learn well if they are hungry.

Over all, our teachers are the best. I for one think they are underpaid considering all the things they have to do in order to teach.

The Barstow schools have produced many fine teachers, doctors, lawyers, business administrator, contractors, and other types of managers, etc. This would not be possible if our teachers were not good at doing their jobs.

Also, why is it that teachers are blamed when a child does not want to learn, study or do their work? One can send a child to school but if that child doesn't want to learn and the parents will  not help, how do you expect the teacher to get the job done? I have seen this and it is a shame.

So, Mr. Vasseur, if you want to blame someone for the mess, blame Sacramento and Washington, D.C. These people have run our state and country into the ground, whatever party they belong to.

We are on the fast track to second string. China owns us.

Anita DeLeon, Barstow