BARSTOW A massive road project will be closing dozens of streets for a day over the next three weeks.

The Mojave Manor, Riverside Drive, Hawaiian Village, Arbor Heights and Lenwood District areas are among the areas being slurry sealed to prevent cracks and maintain the road. Residents will be unable to drive on the pavement until it dries, which means they may be unable to access their driveways from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the days when their streets are being worked on, said Laura Moraco, administrative assistant for the City of Barstow.

Residents are being told to park their cars on a nearby street before the paving begins to avoid getting stuck in their driveways. Residents should also turn off their sprinklers on the day their street is being worked on, clear the street of any basketball hoops or trash cans and make sure everything has been moved, said Moraco. Burrtec Waste has been notified of the street closures and will be working around the construction.

Residents with questions should contact Verna Yazzie in the Public Works Department at (760) 255-5141 or the city offices at (760) 256-3531. Residents who would like to see a map of the projects can see one at

Street closures for week of April 11

Cameo Avenue, Canavan Street to Emerald Street
Lovato Avenue, Rimrock Road to Silverado Street
Silverado Street, Lovato Avenue to Nelson Avenue
Ruby Drive, Quartz Lane to 400 South
Quartz Lane, Ruby Drive to Diamond Avenue
Diamond Avenue, Rimrock Road to 592 South
Barcelona Court, Barcelona Circle to cul-de-sac
Barcelona Circle, Rimrock Road to College Drive
Berkeley Drive, Stanford Drive to Trinity Avenue
Cameron Court, Berkeley Drive to cul-de-sac

Emerald Street, Garnet Avenue to Amethyst Avenue
Amethyst Avenue, Emerald Street to South End
College Court, Barcelona Circle to cul-de-sac
Barcelona Circle, College Court to Rimrock Street
Trinity Avenue, Rimrock Road to Stanford Drive
Norte Dame Court, Yale Drive to cul-de-sac
Yale Drive, Harvard Drive to Princeton Drive
Princeton Drive, Rimrock Road to Yale Drive
Nelson Avenue, Rimrock Road to Silverado Street

Garnet Avenue, Canavan Street to Emerald Street
Dartmouth Court, Stanford Drive to cul-de-sac
Stanford Drive, Berkeley Drive to Trinity Avenue
Harvard Drive, Rimrock Road to Yale Drive
Big Horn Court, Big Horn Drive to Lassen Drive
Lassen Drive, Big Horn Court to Big Horn Drive
Big Horn Drive, Monterey Avenue to Muriel Drive

Garnet Avenue, Emerald Street to Rimrock Road
Stanford Drive, Trinity Avenue to Barstow Road
Muriel Drive, Guadalupe Drive to apartment entry
Everglades Court, Borrego Drive to cul-de-sac
Bandelier Drive, Borrego Drive to cul-de-sac
Borrego Drive, Cabrillo Drive to South End