Severely mentally ill shouldn't be near school

In response to Mr. Shackford's editorial of "In Defense of Lantern Woods":

The original article I saw in our paper list the people who would occupy the 10 units at Lantern Woods as "severely mentally ill."

Shackford seems to have glossed over the term "severely mentally ill." He uses terms like "people struggling with mental illness." I would say there is a difference in the two terms.

He states that your children need to be exposed to people with servere mental illness. That it's part of the real world we all live in. That there is no danger in letting our children come into contact with these people.

I would say that might be true if the occasions are closely monitored by trained professionals.

I will admit that I didn't know what the term "severely mentally ill" meant, so I went online and looked up the term. The following were terms that were listed under people being severely mentally ill. "Conduct Disorder: A disorder characterized by overt, aggressive, disruptive behavior or covert acts such as stealing, lying, and acts of anger. Schizophrenia: Characterized by psychotic behavior manifested by loss of reality. Bizarre thought processes, and inappropriate actions. Affective Disorder: Characterized by sever anxiety and fearfulness of others. Pervasive Development Disorder: Characterized by abnormal social relationships, including bizarre mannerisms, inappropriate social behavior and unusual speech."

Mental illness can be controlled by medications; the problem is that many out-patients forget or refuse to take there medications on a regular basis.

Who at Lantern Woods is going to insure that their tenants take their medications every day? Who is going to supervise their daily routine?

Were told that no one with a violent or criminal backgrounds will be housed at Lantern Woods. When I look back, people that had serious mental problems and committed serious crimes, most often no warning that they were about to cause serious harm to someone until after the fact.

Last but surely not least, in Scott's editorial, I see the sum of $4.85 million taxpayers' dollars in a federal loan. Also I have to wonder what will be the cost to taxpayers each month to house these seriously ill mental individuals?

Do these people need a place to live, the answer has to be yes. But right next to a high school? And on the same street were grade school children walk to school everyday?

Steven Beavers, Barstow