Wisconsin battle may determine 2012 election

The long term results of Wisconsin belong to the future of the 2012 election.

President Obama might win 2012 votes from the union battle in Wisconsin. With victory or defeat, Governor Walker's call for the good of the country/state will be perceived by some voters as the lower wages for more work concept. Instead of a significant pay increase, some Wisconsin state workers are receiving pay cuts, such as public school teachers. Eventually, Wisconsin fire fighters and police officers may be next for less salaries.

Reducing salaries hurts in a global recession; ever since the fall of 2008. For teachers, a virtual stagflation environment makes student loans appear very difficult. Nevertheless, the hardships receive little attention because the current socio-economic struggle impacts most other people just as much. Few Wisconsin taxpayers (especially in private) want to pay higher taxes for public school teachers.

President Obama might win 2012 votes based on the idea economic sacrifice is simply not necessary in Wisconsin. If Obama connects Governor Walker to the war in Afghanistan, feelings might overpower the best financing of the war in Afghanistan.

Michael Cooke, Hinkley


Appreciation for Marine Corps Base dedication

I am writing to thank Colonel Ermer, Sergeant Major Donovan White, Tim Silva, and everyone else involved in the dedication of the new bachelor or enlisted quarters, in honor of my husband, Master Sergeant William R. Pettit.

I am truly touched and very grateful to all of you. Thank you and God bless.

Marie Pettit, Barstow