Barstow doesn't need more new homes

Well it looks like the new year will be just like the old. Barstow will keep going downhill. A town with 45 percent of the people on welfare, 10 percent gang bangers, and 10 percent of the houses in foreclosure. Really need 60 more new homes like a hole in the head. Who will live in them? Just another pie in the sky idea.

Joe Golden, Yermo

How do abortion doctors sleep at night?

The article on the abortion doctor brings to light the horrific truth about the murders that go on at the abortion clinics in our country.

It doesn't matter how clean they are. This is what these people do.

It is murder, it is a crime against humanity. It should be against the law.

I don't know how these butchers sleep at night knowing that they have just taken a most innocent life.

Anita DeLeon, Barstow