Why Christmas stayed a little long this year

I'm sure many people are wondering why the Christmas and holiday decorations from the lamp-posts along Main Street and Barstow Road lingered a bit into the new year. I am the culprit to blame. I am in production of a family-friendly Christmas movie centered in and around Barstow and the beautiful Harvey House. The title to the film is "A Family Derailed."

In December, I was not able to finish the street scenes needed, so I contacted Laura Moraco, the administrative assistant to Margaret Carter, who heads the Barstow Film Office. Under the direction of Mayor Joe Gomez, a Film Sub Committee has been formed to promote filming and locations for the Film Industry in the City of Barstow and surrounding areas. I requested that the City Public Works department leave up the decorations through January so I can finish that portion of my filming.

Laura forwarded my request to Ronnie Zamora head of Public Works and he agreed to honor that request. I wish to thank Laura, Ronnie and others who have graciously complied.

The film industry generates revenue to our hotels, restaurants, and many other businesses and hopefully that source will continue to grow. Again, I thank the City and their personnel for their assistance.   

Spike Lynch, Newberry Springs