Water should be tested more frequently

I wish that someone at the water company, would tell us the honest to gods truth about what's really going on with our water, How long were we really drinking contaminated water, one year, two year, three years?

What really gets me is that, the health department requires that swimming pools at motels be tested three times a week, to make sure they are safe for people to swim in, but yet, the water that we drink, we use for cooking, bathing and give our pets to drink, water that we need to survive, is only tested every three years. Now what is wrong with this picture?

I guess the water company really don't give a dam about the people they service, when it comes to our health and safety, making sure that the water we consume is safe for us, but let people be late paying their bill and oops, it's cut off. Sure they were nice because they spent all that time passing out bottled water to the people in Barstow, that was just to calm us down.

If the water company had been doing their job right in the first place, they wouldn't have had to do that. I wish they would just tell us the truth, we are grown adults.

I think that the water company should test Barstow water three times a week, How hard can that be?

Kathy Kindler, Barstow