BARSTOW Six months after a report measuring and comparing student success at California's junior colleges was released, Barstow Community College officials are working to come up with a similar report using data specific to the college itself.

The report will measure Barstow college's effectiveness in helping students obtain a degree or certificate, transfer to a four-year college or find a job in their field of study. It will take into account the school's proximity to military bases and the number of students who are also in the military as well as the size of the district. Barstow's district boundaries extend from the Victor Valley area to the Nevada stateline.

The report will also incorporate goals contained in the school's master plan, which will in turn affect the development of future programs at Barstow college. The master plan is being developed by Irvine-based EIS Professionals and is expected to be finished in March.
The college's effectiveness report will be brought before the Board of Trustees in July, said Robert Pacheco, dean of research, development and planning.

Pacheco delivered the results of the state's Accountability Report for Community Colleges to the college board of trustees Wednesday. The report ranks student achievement at community colleges statewide. It showed that about 52 percent of students at Barstow college slightly above average compared to similar colleges earned a degree or certificate, were ready to transfer to a university or had successfully transferred.

But the number of Barstow students who enrolled in a California community college for a second year was fewer than at other schools. Pacheco says the number of active-duty military students and the college's close proximity to Fort Irwin and the Marine Corp Logistics Base may be to blame. That information will be included in the college's report.

The college's effectiveness report may also include the importance of increasing the number of courses offered on a non-credit basis for students who just want to learn a skill but are not interested in a grade. Pacheco noted that because Barstow college didn't offer enough enhanced non-credit classes information on student success in those programs wasn't included.

The Accountability Report for Community Colleges was released summer 2010. In addition to showing where Barstow stood compared to other schools in terms of student success, the report showed that 64 percent of Barstow students completed basic skill courses in reading, math and English. The average of other rural schools was 56 percent.

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