Revolutions responds to concert incident

Revolutions Entertainment Center's management and staff would first like to offer our condolences and support to the family and friends of Alisha Jaramillo. The memorial concert Jan. 6 was solely intended as a way to allow people to get together and remember this fine young woman in a positive way.

While the majority of people who attended the event behaved responsibly, there were a few people who, due to grief, excitement, or thoughtlessness, decided to get out of hand. While Revolutions always carries security at events and on the weekends to help protect our customers, the situation escalated and we were forced to call the police to help deal with these persons.

When police arrived, they evaluated the situation, and in conjunction with management, the facility and parking lot had to be cleared. This detracted from the main reason people were there that night, in memory of Ms. Jaramillo. While not the desired outcome of the evening, Revolutions' first priority is, and always will be, the safety of its guests and staff, and the well-being of all people both inside and outside of its facility. To the officers who arrived that night, thank you. The law enforcement community has always provided aid to Revolutions, and we thank every agency who continues to protect us.

In no way will the events of Thursday night detract from Revolutions' goal of being a member and supporter of the wonderful people in and around Barstow We will continue to make every effort to assist any family, event, or organization that needs our support. We will continue to provide a safe facility where people and families can come to have fun and enjoy themselves. We will not deviate from our mission of providing family entertainment, seven days a week. Revolutions Entertainment Center thanks the community for the support that has been shown over the past year, and looks forward to many more decades of business to come.

Finally, to the family of Ms. Jaramillo: if there is anything that Revolutions Entertainment Center can do to help, please do not hesitate to ask. We are sorry for your irreplaceable loss, and we hope you will look to us for future support.

Daniel Jenkins, General Manager Revolutions Entertainment Center, Barstow

Another public shooting

Well here we go again, another shooting to get famous, and like always they will let him bargain out of it and blame it on gun ownership.

If someone in the crowd had been armed they could have stopped it quick. If they give him a long sentence the taxpayers will have to support and entertain him at $50,000 a year. He should be hung, not babied and studied and entertained. That is only going to make lawyers rich and the public poor and solve nothing.

Joe Golden, Yermo