NEWBERRY SPRINGS A parolee was arrested after leading Sheriff's Deputies on two brief car chases in Newberry Springs early Thursday morning.

Mark Wilson, 35, refused to leave a house on Tejunga Avenue after pounding on the door looking for a friend who wasn't there, said San Bernardino Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Cunningham.

Deputies arrived and the scene and learned Wilson fled the area in a small car. Deputies checked the area and found Wilson at a house on Temescal Street. As deputies approached, Wilson fled in his car and was able to evade capture after a brief car chase.

At 1:40 a.m. deputies responded to a house on Dune Road where Wilson was also refusing to leave. Wilson again led deputies on a brief car chase, eventually leaving his car and fleeing on foot into the desert where he was captured.

Wilson was arrested without incident on suspicion of evading police with a wanton disregard for safety and booked into the Barstow Jail. Wilson was transported to West Valley Detention Center where he remains in lieu of $100,00 bail and a parole hold.